TILT PRO v1.4 (assembled, WITHOUT transmitter)

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SHOP UPDATE (Nov. 2016):

We have been lately overwhelmed by the work required in our industrial line of drones and internal organization changes. The current situation forces us to bring to 'Sold out' all our TILT drones in the shop since it is becoming hard to meet the delivery times and service you guys deserve.

We are not abandoning the consumer drones' selling but for those that want to purchase one, please contact us at info@inkonova.se directly. This way we can, case by case, update you on the actual lead time so that we can plan our production better, and you can decide if to purchase of course. Spares and technical support stays though.

We apologize for that but we have to finish the current changes if we want to grow sustainably while giving the best custommer service possible.

Best regards,

The TILT Drones (Inkonova) team


We've received numerous requests from the community on RTF TILT availability and we decided to offer this option: we assemble your TILT for you, we set the system up and maiden (flight test) your TILT.

If you don't want to spend time on assembling your TILT PRO racing drone, this is your product! All units are flight tested and pre-tunned prior to shipping. You only need to specify in your order comments box if you want to use PWM (different cables for elevator, aileron, throttle, yaw and each Aux you want) or PPM (one single signal cable from receiver brings all channels to the Naze) mode in your receiver so that we install the proper cables (and label them).

If any issue, contact us right away at pau.mallol@inkonova.se or ahmed@inkonova.se and/or join our Facebook community where we help each other.

Disclaimer: the TILT is not a consummer product. You have to be willing to get familiar with Cleanflight (plenty of information online and we are always available to solve any issue).


Difference TILT v1.4 vs. TILT v1.3:

     - We now use off-the-shelf 6S capable PDB with 5 and 12V BECs to reduce those extra grams that the custom TILT PDB had.


Test flight video with rolls video

Latest firmware tests video (soon pushing the limits there) 

Videos with instructions: 

    - Components list video

    - Belt tensioning procedure video


TILT PRO v1.3 improvements vs. v1.2:

- Reinforced, adjustable, arm connectors (the red anodized aluminum arm parts)

- New belt clamp and belt assembly: much cleaner, reliable and resistant

- Longer CF arm tubes

- Aluminium motor clamps and CF motor plates


The FPV version comes with FPV gear set, ready to use and tested:

- 32ch SMA 200mW mini transmitter for use with any of the bands in the market (Nexweave/Fatshark, Boscam etc)

- 600TVL FPV camera


IMPORTANT: due to the demand and time to assemble and test each individual unit, allow 2-3 weeks to ship your product. The waiting time will be worth though: you'll save the assembly and adjustment hassle and just enjoy your TILT.


General specs of TILT PRO (check more details here):

- 2208 2000kv or similar motors and 6x4.5 propellers

- 30A 6S Blheli Oneshot ESCs

- 2kg+ servo motor

- Naze32 (setup done but can adjust to your liking of course)

- PDB (6S capable) with 5 and 12V outputs

- Receiver-Naze cabling suited installed for your needs (choose if you want to use PWM or PPM)


Other hardware required:

- Battery: 4S between 2500 and 4000 mAh 30C (minimum)

- 6ch transmitter