Non-3DP parts kit for TILT frame (3D print the rest!)

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Do you own a 3D printer or know where to 3D print files like at

Do you want to save money 3D printing spares, mods and improvements?

This is your kit! We send you all non-3D printed parts and while the kit is coming, you 3D print the files from our Thingiverse site. Everyone wins: you save money and really feel that TILT is your baby with that filament material you really like or that fancy color in this or the other part and we get simpler logistics and promoting the use of 3D printing. Please post your creations in both our Facebook page and Facebook group and make videos!

Test flight video with rolls video

Latest firmware tests video (soon pushing the limits there) 

TILT X8 Maiden video: with four extra motors, ESCs, landing skid and motor mounts,´you basically get the X8 version from your standard TILT! Soon releasing the X4 to X8 conversion ;)

Videos with instructions: 

- Components list video

- Belt tensioning procedure video

Parts included in this kit:

- CNC arm shafts (2 pcs)

- CF arm tubes full carbon fiber Twill 16 mm OD (4 pcs)

- Tilt servo and servo pulley

- Arm pulleys (2 pcs)

- Belt and belt clamp

- Polymer bearings for arms (4 pcs) and tensors/servo pulley (4 pcs)

- Acrylic platform platform for ESCs attachment

- TILT branded battery strap

- Screws, nuts, washers, etc.


Check latest manuals here.


Other required minimal hardware (not included):

All 3D printed parts (available on Thingiverse)

20 mm (8 units) and 35 mm (4 units) standoffs like those here.

4x motors 2208 2000kv, 2207 2100kv or similar

4x ESCs at least 20A rated (depending on your motors and props: 30A recommended for the above motors)

1x set of four propellers (2 CW and 2 CCW; 6x4.5 for the above power combo)

1x Naze32

1x RC Transmitter and receiver (6 channels with one available potentiometer recommended)

1x 4S Battery (2000-3000 mAh 30C minimum depending of your taste: agressive flying or calm flights with long flight time)

1x PDB with matching battery harness. Check our custom TILT PDB here.