TILT PRO v2 (FPV version)

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SHOP UPDATE (Nov. 2016):

We have been lately overwhelmed by the work required in our industrial line of drones and internal organization changes. The current situation forces us to bring to 'Sold out' all our TILT drones in the shop since it is becoming hard to meet the delivery times and service you guys deserve.

We are not abandoning the consumer drones' selling but for those that want to purchase one, please contact us at info@inkonova.se directly. This way we can, case by case, update you on the actual lead time so that we can plan our production better, and you can decide if to purchase of course. Spares and technical support stays though.

We apologize for that but we have to finish the current changes if we want to grow sustainably while giving the best custommer service possible.

Best regards,

The TILT Drones (Inkonova) team


Remember the TILT PRO from last year that beat the Lamborghini 0-100 km/h ? Well this is its evolution, thanks to everyone that provided feedback: faster, lighter, tougher and with less parts.

- About 30% lighter

- About 40% part count reduction

- Tougher arms assembly

- Full metal servo


- Tilting arms range: 180° (±90°), for those pushing the laws of physics

- F3 flight controller with custom tilting arms firmware

- Larger arm bearings (much harder to crush the internal balls in heavy crashes)

- More rigid carbon fiber body

- 30A (6S) ESCs

- 2208 2000kv motors

- Designed for 5S batteries with the above motor/ESC combo (6S in testing phase)

- Dedicated motor stator heatsinks for those that want to push the limits even further


Allow for 2-3 weeks delivery time.

Included in this product:

- TILT PRO v2 with 5.8GHz FPV and OSD

- With or without 10ch transmitter depending on your choice above


What else do you need  to complete the product?

- Battery: 4S, 5S or 6S*, 2200 to 2500mAh, 40 to 75C with XT60 connector

- Battery charger

* The TILT PRO v2 comes ready to handle up to 6S batteries from the PDB and ESCs side. It has been tested with 5S with 2208 2000kv (default version) motors already.